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Extra Flavor Bundle 3.0 - Smoke Drum

Turn any grill into a smoker with the Smoke Drum.

The Smoke Drum gives your meat, fish, or cheese a savory wood smoke flavor. Very easy to use simply fill the Smoke Drum with wood pellets of your choice, light the drum and place on your BBQ’s rack.

New and Improved: The new hexagon shape allows for greater holding capacity to give you a more dense smoke. Our improved design also prevents unnecessary rolling.

Smokes like a train for up to 4 hours!

Use to Smoke:

Enjoy your favorite foods with hot and cold smoking.

The Smoke Drum features a Stainless Steel body that is rust resistant. All Smoke Drum models are compatibles with gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, and pellet grills.

Wood Pellets or Wood Chips!

It is recommended to use wood pellets or wood chips, both provide a savory smoke flavor.

The Smoke Drum makes a great gift! That's why it was rated number one for two years in a row for the most gifted item. Since it's such a great gift we are offering a deal starting now. When you buy 1 you get 1 20% off, keep one and gift one. Gift to a family member, gift to a friend or gift to a new neighbor!

Need smoking recipes? Smoke Drum has you covered. With every purchase you will be sent a digital booklet of rich and savory hand selected smoking recipes.